Friday, January 31, 2020

High Five for Friday (1.31.20)

Last week Hallie tried two dance classes at a new studio and took a private lesson with a new (to her) teacher. She walked out of all three with a huge smile on her face and a spring in her step, which I hadn't seen from her - at least when it comes to this particular genre - in quite a while. Hallie had an occasionally demoralizing 2019 with regard to dance, so while we're not switching studios, we are letting and even encouraging her to stretch her wings and sample some of what's available beyond the walls of our current dance home and classes.

On Friday night Hallie and I went to see her musical theatre friend, Christina, in her high school production of Footloose. I mentioned Christina last year, when she - after playing Dorothy in her high school musical - coached and supported Hallie as she prepared to play Dorothy herself. We had a wonderful night out, and loved getting to see Christina take the stage again in such a fantastic show.
It's showtime!
With Christina (who played Vi) after the show. She
was amazing, and Hallie was so excited to see her!
Also amazing were the kids who played Ariel
and Ren. Hallie cannot wait to be a part of the
musicals at this - her future - high school!

Earlier this week Will wrapped up his first (since before he started kindergarten) basketball season. He and his team had a decent run of games, and he learned so much from his coach and teammates. I am incredibly proud of how hard all 10 of those boys worked - they gave 100% from the day tryouts started until the final whistle in their final game - and I hope Will sticks with basketball come eighth grade.

Uncle L, the last two pics above are for you - check out that air!

In other sports news, on Sunday Will's soccer team won the Cavalry Aggieland Classic tournament here in College Station. They didn't finish well in their last tournament, so this was a great comeback as well as an awesome way to kick off the spring season.

I'm grateful to Tom for taking these pics (I had to leave to pick up Hallie and the second-to-last thing I said to Tom as I ran off was, "DON'T FORGET TO TAKE PICTURES!"), but I need to talk to him about working around trees. I'm hopeful another mom took a pic in which the tree isn't blocking the faces of half the team and two of the coaches. 😂 

Happiness Highlights
Still fans of matching hairstyles, but this time they
didn't want my help and did each other's hair instead. 
Tux was happy Kara came to play, and let it be known by
laying claim to her dance backpack...which made Kara's day.
Our Nutcracker DVD came! 
Staged (I needed a pic of them from behind
for a photo project), but none-the-less sweet.
Not staged, which makes it even sweeter.
Hallie's water cycle science project. This was her first project completed
exclusively at school, which means it was also her first project completed
without any guidance/support/help from me. She is ridiculously proud of it.

Happy Friday, friends!

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