Friday, January 17, 2020

High Five for Friday (1.17.20)

Television might seems like a small and silly high five, but because I always get excited when my favorite programs return after the holiday hiatus, television is for me a high five none-the-less. I'm ready to find out what happens after all of those mid-season cliffhangers!

On a related note, we added Disney+ to our viewing options as a Christmas present for the family, and I can't wait to dig into the Disney archives! Any good recommendations? Hallie and I already watched the Disney+ original Christmas movie, Noelle, and I think next in the queue for us are Swiss Family Robinson and the live action Lady and the Tramp.

For the first time in a few years, Tom and I actually went out in celebration of our anniversary! It fell on a Friday, which meant we had only two afternoon/evening shuttling responsibilities, and because we used a gift card Tom received as a thank you gift from a friend and left the kids babysitter-less (don't worry - they're old enough and Will is "safe-sitter trained"), we felt pretty good about our expenditures post-holidays. 😂
We forgot to take a picture while out, so we took one after we'd crashed
down into bed to enjoy a new television show and the approaching storm.

We had nothing official on our calendar for Saturday, and it was heavenly. Will played with friends back and forth between the park and our house all day; Tom, Hallie, and I picked up craft supplies at Hobby Lobby and browsed for a new couch (which we didn't find); Tom worked on replacing our master bathroom toilet and fixing our guest/kids bathroom toilet; I caught up on laundry; Hallie played with a friend; and in the evening Tom met up with friends to celebrate a birthday and the kids and I watched a movie. We love the activities that usually fill our weekends, but because we only have one or two completely free Saturdays a semester, we truly appreciate them.
I love it when the 13yo boys hang at our house.

Speaking of toilets...Tom both repaired our guest/kids bathroom toilet and completely replaced the toilet in our master bathroom (our gift to each other from Christmas). He's so handy!

Happiness Highlights
Want to feel like a hero? Provide food to 13yo boys.
They wanted matching hair for dance, so of course I obliged.
I am soaking up and appreciating every single "little girl"
moment these 10 - almost 11 - year-old girls give me...
...because just last week they looked like this.
(Thanks, Facebook, for the memories. And tears.) 
I really do miss my kids while they're at school,
but I am enjoying the opportunity to once again
work - quietly at home - after a crazy break!

Happy weekend, friends!

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