Friday, January 10, 2020

High Five for Friday (1.10.20)

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. Cheers to us!

On Sunday afternoon we returned home from a magical trip to Disney World. The trip itself was a surprise for the kids, as was "running into" my parents in the Orlando airport and meeting up with my sister and her family once we arrived at the Wilderness Lodge. More pics and stories to come in a future post!
One of my favorite pics. Zoom in on Carter's face as we
waited in line (for only 5 minutes) to catch our ferry (an only
8-minute ride) to the Magic Kingdom. On our first day. 😂

Within hours of landing back at home in our respective states, Will, as well as my dad, niece, and nephew, were all struck down by a stomach bug. While I'm certainly not throwing up any high fives for stomach bugs, I am throwing up a high five that no one became ill while at Disney World, the bug lasted only about 24 hours, and no one else caught that nastiness.

The kids headed back to dance and basketball on Tuesday and school on Wednesday, and while I desperately wanted more time at home with them (between trips to Nebraska and Florida, we spent most of our nearly three-week break traveling), we all feel at least somewhat fine about returning to our routines.

Happiness Highlights
Happy New Year from the moms!
And from the kids! (Somehow I don't have a pic of the dads.) 
Tux, showing me that he still 1) hasn't forgiven us for
leaving him twice over the holidays and 2) remembers
that Mandi took care of him in our absence.
The one and only lemon produced thus far by
my lemon tree - beautiful and delicious!
Hallie and friends saw - and LOVED - Cats. 
Baby Lucy with her (toy) charcuterie board and snacks,
a first birthday gift from her dance moms. I will one day
make this sweet baby love me with baked goods, but in
the meantime, she gets all the toys she wants.  

Happy Friday, friends!

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