Friday, January 24, 2020

High Five for Friday (1.24.20)

Will just finished and submitted his schedule for eight grade, which means that my boy - my itty bitty boy - has only one year (plus the remainder of this semester) left before he starts high school. At this (near) turning point, I simultaneously cannot wrap my head around how this is even possible and am filled with gratitude for the gift of him in life. He is an occasionally moody teenager with a competitive streak a mile wide, a knack for pushing all of his sister's buttons, a tendency for sneaking leftover Halloween candy, and the naivety to not realize I know when he sneaks leftover Halloween candy, but he is also good and kind and brave and hardworking. Lucky me.

Although I took no pictures to document our outing, last Friday we celebrated one of my besties' birthdays with lunch out and pedicures. Rarely do any of us have 2+ hours available for enjoyment without productivity, and carving out a little time for just that - especially in honor of a friend - made me feel refreshed and happy.
I did, however, take a picture of the cookies and cream
cupcakes Hallie and I made Mandi for her birthday.

On Friday night, friends and I took our girlies to see their friends - also our friends' daughters - in their intermediate school's production of Frozen Jr. The cast and crew did an excellent job (and I'm not just saying that - I'm a critic if there ever was one when it comes to school and community theatre productions) and we had a great time watching so many budding actors shine on stage.
These four met as itty bitty three-year-olds in preschool.
It's so fun to watch them grow up together!
Caris and Callie did a great job in the Snow Chorus!
Not a great pic of us - I blame the 10yo photographer
and the poor theater lighting - but we had great fun!

Ah, three-day weekends...they're the absolute best. I truly think productivity and health (physical and mental) would increase if we had more time for rest, relaxation, socialization, and physical activity every week.

Happiness Highlights
River has finally taken to the "hiccupy
dragon" lovey we gave her when she was born. 
So...that's one of Will's soccer coaches with former
U.S. Women's National Team coach Jill Ellis. Will and
I are over here trying not to completely lose our minds. 
On Saturday afternoon Tom and Hallie went on a day date - they biked
a few miles to have lunch at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. 
Will's Christmas present from my parents (besides Disney, of course),
was this hanging chess game. He plans to start whipping me ASAP.

Happy weekend, friends!

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