Friday, November 15, 2019

High Five for Friday (11.15.19)

We survived Dance Rev. I had planned to write a lengthy post about how the past three conventions we've attended have been both amazing and challenging, and how this year's event followed suit. But while last year tipped the scales toward amazing, this year swung back in the opposite direction, throwing a wrench in my writing plans.

So today, in place of my original and now scrapped high five, I'm throwing up a high five for crossing last weekend off of my fall to-do list. I'm also sharing a handful of pics of the good moments, because I'm not completely empty inside. 😉
We made two requests of the hotel because of Hallie's
knee injury (a room on a lower level and with a refrigerator
 to keep ice cold) and not only did they deliver on both fronts,
they left a sweet note for the girls and treats for all of us.
Thank goodness for Mandi's mom (who we all call Nonny), who kept the
girls entertained so we could relax for an hour before the chaos began. 
Hallie couldn't take classes (that's right - we spent three days at a dance
convention and Hallie couldn't participate in a single one of the classes),
but she stayed busy with a diamond art product from my friend Jenn. 
Sweet smiles.
Ready to perform! Our studio's companies did an amazing job.
Hallie had to sit out of two dance parties and nine classes, but we let her
perform in the showcase. She hadn't danced at all in more than two weeks,
and the joy she felt when allowed to once again do so was written all over
her face. This isn't a good picture (I'm hoping the professionals also
captured this moment), but if you zoom in you can see what I mean.

Because we needed a little more dance in our lives, this week was Dance Mom Appreciation Week. I participated when I could, and didn't pull any muscles! (After a horrible hamstring pull during Dance Mom Appreciation Week a few years ago, I consider any class I make it through without injury a colossal success.)

First thing Monday morning I headed up to Will's middle school for what turned out to be a well orchestrated and truly moving Veterans Day assembly. Many veterans attended, and students in orchestra, band, choir, and theatre performed and presented.
You can always find Will by his hair.

Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Will tried out for his middle school's basketball team. He has attended a couple of summer basketball camps and messes around with his friends on the basketball court at the park, but he hasn't played on an actual team since right after his fifth birthday...and that season did NOT go well. Here's a little blurb from a blog post I wrote back in March of 2012:

As a reminder, Will didn't touch the ball AT ALL during the first three games. (Because he cried and ran away from the ball.) And aside from Will's very first soccer game, his third basketball game was the worst athletic hour of his (and maybe my) life. There was ice dancing. On the basketball court. 
Look how small he was compared to his teammates!
(He's still this small compared to his teammates...)
Someone told Will that he should defend with his arms raised, so for
the remainder of the season he ran around with his arms above his head.
"There's no crying in basketball!"
Oh yes there is...

I expected Will's athleticism, competitiveness, and general affection for sports of all kinds to carry him through the first round of cuts, but I didn't expect him to actually make one of the teams...and then he did.

I'm so proud of him, because I don't think he was offered a spot based (at least solely) on his basketball skills. I think he was offered a spot because he has a positive attitude, demonstrates leadership on and off the court, and works tremendously hard. It has taken him YEARS to harness his potential in these areas, and while he still has room to grow, his progress is beautiful.

You know what? Today I'm calling it at four high fives.

Cheers to the weekend, friends!

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