Monday, October 17, 2016

My Russian Kindred Spirits

No, nothing related to politics or international relations here...just a video of Russian students and their teachers having some good old fashioned fun in the snow.

I love watching and listening to how much fun the kids are having, and I tip my hat to all of the teachers participating alongside their students.

This kind of activity would never fly in United States schools (not that we could partake in Texas anyway, seeing as we've received a 1/4 inch of snow total throughout our almost six years here), so my family plays in the snow on our own. We started the tradition of making snow angels when my sister and I were little, I shared it with my roommates in college, and now Will and Hallie and I experience this exhilaration every winter. We do, however, opt for swimsuits instead of underwear...

Our snow angel story is here, and some of my favorite posts about our swimsuit snow angels are herehere, and here.

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