Friday, October 7, 2016

High Five for Friday (10.7.16)

1. Will had a great birthday on Tuesday, and he extends his thanks to everyone who called, emailed, texted, and wished him a happy day in person throughout the week!
Tux didn't move from that spot the entire time
Tom and I were filling up Will's room with balloons.
Birthday donuts = the breakfast of champions!
Will took soccer ball cookies to his classmates, teachers,
teammates, and coaches. That's A LOT of cookies!
Soccer field/ball cupcakes for home.
He wanted all 10 candles on one cupcake.
We start the day with "Happy Birthday" and candles
and end the day with "Happy Birthday" and candles.
2. I don't usually eat breakfast, but on occasion - as in once every five or so years - I enjoy brunch. Last Sunday morning I joined two friends and indulged in a slice of spinach, mushroom, and feta quiche, roasted red potatoes, a cinnamon roll, and a strawberry lemonade mimosa at a local brunch hotspot. The company and the food were both good enough that I might consider brunching again before five years from now!

3. Every summer I eat (far too much of) this particular Wisconsin cheese:

And now, thanks to my fellow Wisconsinite and friend Casey, I can eat too much of it here in Texas as well as in Wisconsin. She found it at one of our local grocery stores, and after sharing this information with me one week, went above and beyond the next when she brought me my own tub. I tried to ration it...I failed. But oh, my failure tasted divine.

4. Do you watch Saturday Night Live? I usually catch the first 30 minutes once or twice a month, but every fourth fall I watch every minute of every episode. I can't stand actual politics, but during presidential election "season" I live for Saturday Night Live politics. If you missed last Saturday's episode, I highly recommend catching the opening skit as well as the sinkhole skit and Weekend Update.

5. (A) Hilarious Highlight (replacing Happiness Highlights this week):

My sister found this tin of lip balm on the floor of her room. On the floor of her classroom. On the floor of her elementary school classroom. I guess her second grade students' parents haven't heard of Chapstick...

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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