Monday, June 27, 2016

Texas Bucket List: Tasting ALL the Wines, Part 2

My Texas Bucket List began taking shape shortly after we arrived in College Station. At first the list consisted of only a few touristy day trips and experiences (think Six Flags, Sea World, etc.) I'd thought of or heard about prior to our move. But as we made new friends, especially new friends who grew up in Texas, we learned from them about the lesser-known - at least to Midwesterners - but not-to-miss sights and sounds of the Lone Star State.

Each time I cross something off my Texas Bucket List I document it here, both because Chasing Roots serves as my Texas journal and because looking back on these posts and "watching" our love affair, if you will, with our now-home state unfold is a beautiful thing. 

You can see my full - but ever-growing - Texas Bucket List here. Feel free to let me know what I'm missing!

I technically crossed "attend a wine tasting at Messina Hof Winery" off my Texas Bucket List a few months ago, so this post, about my second Messina Hof wine tasting, is more of a public service announcement. I wouldn't want any of my local readers to miss out on such a beautiful and delicious experience!

On Wednesday nights the Messina Hof wine bar offers wine flights paired with...chocolate. (You probably just popped away from this post to add "Chocolate Night" to your calendar. I understand. And thanks for coming back!) Last week I attended the wine and chocolate tasting with three friends, all of whom prefer different types of wine. We agreed, however, that the three wines and two chocolates went together beautifully and such that we each enjoyed even the wines we wouldn't have usually chosen.

For those of you who like to live vicariously through the specifics, first we sipped Port while indulging in peanut butter-filled, chocolate-covered cookie sticks. After we cleansed our palates with Brut, we savored a light orange Muscat alongside orange-infused dark chocolate squares. Delectable barely describes what crossed my palate that evening.

I can't think of a better combination than wine and chocolate, except maybe wine and cheese...which is why, after we finished our chocolate tasting, we ordered a massive cheese tray and additional flights of wine...

I have no affiliation with Messina Hof Winery other than being a fan of wine, a fan of chocolate, and a fan of establishments that put them together in delicious, well-organized pairings for me.

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