Monday, June 20, 2016

Lurking Lizards

After walking through a puddle on the way home, I off took my shoes - Crocs flats - and left them in the garage. Later that day, with plans to wear those same shoes while I took out the garbage and recycling, I stepped into the garage, hit the button to open the automatic door, and in one fluid motion, turned around and slipped my left foot into my left shoe.

I felt something nondescript - it wasn't hard or soft, hot or cold, wet or dry - brush up against my foot and glanced down to see...this little guy looking back up at me. I SCREAMED (I try to temper my lizard reactions so as not to scare the kids, but in this instance I lost all control), and the lizard jumped off my foot and into Tom's neighboring shoe.
I obviously couldn't take a picture of the lizard in my shoe or
on my foot, so I took one a few minutes later, after I'd calmed
down and the lizard had made himself at home in Tom's shoe.
I lept sky high and at least two feet backwards (banging my elbow on my car's driver's side mirror), and then had to fight back tears of both fear and pain when Will burst through the door from the house into the garage to check on me.

Positive self-talk, "you're being ridiculous" pep talks from Tom, and/or research (to prove to myself that they can't hurt me) don't seem to help; I may just be destined to live in fear of what hides in my backyard...and apparently my garage as well. 

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