Friday, June 3, 2016

High Five for Friday (6.3.16)

1. Last Thursday and Friday, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes crashed through our community as well as other regions of Texas. After what my sister and her family went through a couple of years ago, I understand and appreciate how lucky we are to have made it through such severe weather unscathed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those across our state who weren't so lucky.

2. Last Friday the kids and I, along with lots of our friends, celebrated the last day of school with "Happy Summer" baskets, cookie cakes, lemonade, and a massive playdate. Initially I felt bad for having filled Will and Hallie's "Happy Summer" baskets with all things swimming-related, given that the severe weather forced us to cancel the pool party we had planned, but since last Saturday the kids have gone swimming six times and had plenty of opportunities to use their new goggles, inner tubes, and kick boards.

I can hardly believe that come August I'll have a fourth grader - in his last year of elementary school - and a second grader!

3. I may not have had time to make our summer mix CD yet, but I finally managed to find time to take pics of the kids in their graduation shirts!

4. On Wednesday afternoon Hallie auditioned for her dance studio's new Mini Company, and on Wednesday night we found out she was offered a spot. I'm thrilled for her, I admit to feeling more than a little nervous about what this massive - especially for a seven-year-old - commitment will look like for our family.

5. "Love my tribe."

I have blond eyelashes, which when not adequately darkened with mascara, make me look incredibly tired and my eyes appear squinty or even closed. I happened to have on very little eye make-up the day my friend Rebecca gave us these "love my tribe" mason drinking jars, so that, coupled with my blinking problem (my eyes are closed in 50% of the pictures taken of me), meant we took at least 40 pictures to get ONE in which my eyes looked even halfway open. Thank you for your patience, friends!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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