Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (12.15.15)

Remember when Hallie tried to sneak Tux off to school in her backpack? Ok, good.

Every afternoon Will and Hallie come home from school and throw their backpacks on the kitchen floor. Yes, these backpacks belong on hooks, but I don't require the hooks be used until after the kids have emptied their backpacks, finished their homework, and repacked their backpacks for the following day.

While the kids sit at the counter to eat snack and work on their homework, the backpacks remain open on the floor. One afternoon I came around the corner and saw this:

"Hallie…did you try to put Tux in your backpack again?" I questioned. She promised she hadn't, and insisted Tux had chosen to rest nearly inside her backpack all on his own.

I didn't believe Hallie in the slightest; I suspected she'd attempted to lure Tux into her backpack with treats and this was as far as he was willing to go.

But then the next afternoon, I watched with my own eyes as Tux burrowed headfirst into Hallie's backpack, turned around once he'd reached the bottom/back, and curled up for a little rest.

Maybe Tux wants to go to school with Hallie after all...

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