Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (10.27.15)

Trapped, Part 3

I could hear Tux meowing, but after checking the two spots where he usually sits while making requests (in front of his food and water dishes and by the back door), I still couldn't find him.

Erin: Hallie, where's Tux?
Hallie: (hee hee)
Erin: HALLIE. Where's Tux?
Hallie: He's hiding.

Meanwhile, the meowing was growing louder and more frantic.

Erin: Hallie, tell me where Tux is. Now.
Hallie: He's going to school with me.
Erin: No, he's not.
Hallie: Well, he wants to.
Erin: No, he doesn't.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hallie's backpack wiggle across the kitchen floor and a little paw emerge from a small gap between the zippers.

Tux very clearly did not want to go to school with Hallie. 

Can you imagine if Hallie had made it out the door with Tux in her backpack? That would have made for an interesting start to the school day...

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