Friday, October 9, 2015

High Five for Friday (10.9.15)

1. Will turned nine last Sunday, so we celebrated his birthday throughout the weekend. On Friday he brought sports-themed cookies to his classmates (thank you, Peace, Love, and Cakes!) and on Sunday we took Will, Hallie, and Will's two best friends to Sky High Sports Trampoline Park in Houston for a few hours of trampoline-based dodgeball, basketball, and Ninja Warrior-ing. Add in donuts for breakfast, episodes of "Tom and Jerry" in the car on the way to and from Houston, soccer ball cake topped with strawberry sorbet (that combination didn't work for anyone but Will), skateboarding at the park with friends, a Rosa's Mexican food picnic while watching the Packers earn another win, and a little Wii before bed and you have Will's perfect day. (Unfortunately he felt and had a tough time working through the letdown on Monday morning.)

Happy birthday, sweet boy! 

2. Tom and I arrived at the trampoline park ready to jump. Having never visited a trampoline park before we assumed this was what parents did; imagine our surprise then, when we discovered that we were two of only three adults actually participating with our kids. Oh well - more fun and exercise for us!

I used to take gymnastics and diving lessons, so back in the day I had no trouble throwing my body around on trampolines, into foam pits, and into the swimming pool. Now, however, throwing my body anywhere terrifies me as doing so is accompanied by a decent chance of injury.

Despite my adult-onset fear of flying through the air, I desperately wanted to show Will and Hallie that I could still do a flip. I warmed up, stretched a little, and went for it…and when I landed upright, without injury or vomiting, I felt like a million bucks. And because I was so proud of myself, I asked Tom to film me doing a second flip so I'd have documentation of the feat for years to come.

Ok, so my trampoline jumps aren't very high and my tuck isn't very tight, but I still made a full forward rotation. I think that's about as close to "nailing it" as I'm going to get!

3. Grandma Brenda came to visit this week, and you know that means…project time! We jazzed up the front porch, and we're working on adding knobs and handles to the cabinets in the master bathroom, a few very basic projects in the guest bathroom (in preparation for a larger countertop, sink, fixture, and lighting update down the road), a photo wall/display in the master bedroom, and refinishing an antique planter into a candle holder. We didn't take on as much as we usually do during her visits because the kids and I had so much else going on, but we crossed a few "to-dos" off the list.

More pics to come!

4. Hallie took preschool gymnastics for two years and never mastered a cartwheel. She never even came close to mastering a cartwheel, which led Tom and me to believe that gymnastics wouldn't be her sport.

But last week at Will's soccer game, after watching a slightly older little girl practice cartwheels, Hallie decided she wanted to give the "trick" just one more try before giving up on it forever. Turns out watching that little girl was just the ticket, because within 10 minutes Hallie could do an excellent cartwheel.

As I said to Tom later that night, clearly all those gymnastics lesson fees were well spent…

5. Happiness Highlights:
My second painting project turned out nicely (I am amazed that
these instructors can get someone like me - a terrible artist - to
produce a piece of art I'd hang in my house) and I thoroughly
enjoyed my evening out with friends both old and new! 
YES! I love Texas Roadhouse's butter, but we can't eat there
because they serve peanuts and peanut shells are always thrown
on the floor. Now I can have the best of Texas Roadhouse at home! 
Well now that's just lovely.
Sweet little Calvin came over to visit me last week. He's
unsure what to think about playing at Erin's house.
"Reading is one of the most exciting things in my whole entire
life!" says the child who fought learning to read for years.
Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows (Tom and Will), torturing
the cat (Hallie), and enjoying the view (Erin) last Friday night.
(Notice how close I'm sitting to the citronella candle - the
company was great but the mosquitoes were awful!)
Working on his admissions paragraph for Student Council.
When did he get old enough to join Student Council?!
All decked out (and striking his best Abby Wambach
pose) in his brand new, completely authentic, US
soccer uniform. Thanks Sara, Jeff, Lily, and Carter!
Happy Friday, friends!

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