Friday, October 23, 2015

High Five for Friday (10.23.15)

1. I usually wait until I can see my breath outside, but since that day may never come, last weekend I went ahead and bought my first caramel apple spice from Starbucks - my favorite fall drink - of the season. It didn't disappoint!

2. My sweet Cullen got a new shirt this week - perfect for a High Five for Friday post, wouldn't you say?

3. And while we're on the subject of shirts, two of my amazing friends made these adorable shirts for Will and Hallie…

…and this one for me.
Everyone else in my house was asleep, so without someone to take
a picture of me wearing my shirt I had to take a picture of the shirt by itself.
I plan to wear it lots in the days leading up to Halloween, especially because it'll go perfectly with the adult-sized black and orange tutu I bought at Target last week. We're all more than ready for fall and we can't wait to celebrate it's arrival!

4. Tickets have been purchased for the Mockingjay, Part 1 and Mockingjay, Part 2 double feature!

5. Happiness Highlights:
My girl now falls asleep reading. CHAPTER
BOOKS. Talk about a happiness highlight.
Can't find any fairy books on the school library, public library, or
bookstore shelves? It's because we have ALL of them. Every last one. 
So much love between these two.
These little mice finally got to try on and practice their
Nutcracker dance while wearing their adorable costumes. 
I'm a little light on Happiness Highlights photos this wasn't that we weren't happy, it was that I didn't have time to document much of anything. The next wave of "crazy busy but not in a bad way" is upon us!

Happy Friday, friends!

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