Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (5.12.15)

Though we have a subscription to Netflix, occasionally the US arm of this on-demand internet media provider fails to offer the movies and television shows Tom and I want to watch. When this occurs, we rig up (don't ask me how) Finland or England's Netflix and stream our programming on Tom's computer.

Tux shows very little interest in what we watch on television, ignores all activity on tablets and handheld devices, and couldn't care less about what happens on our computer screens…except when we stream foreign countries' Netflix programming.

He sits on the keyboard, nose pressed up against the screen and often accidentally pausing/freezing/changing what's playing. Tux then looks back at us as if to ask why he's suddenly looking at Tom's screensaver and no longer watching a movie. 

And we can't leave the room with the computer open - if we do, we return to find he's managed to turn off our movie, find the menu of programming options, and freeze the computer. 

Ok, so finding the Netflix menu happened just that one time. It was frustrating to not be able to watch our movie that night (the computer remained frozen for hours), but Tux "browsing" through the Netflix menu…undoubtedly searching for Milo and Otis or perhaps a Garfield and Friends cartoon…was adorable.

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