Friday, May 8, 2015

High Five for Friday (5.8.15)

1. Two weekends ago, Hallie and a few of her friends attended a dance camp hosted by a local high school's dance team. Then this past weekend, the little girls had the opportunity to perform the dance they'd learned at camp during the big girls' - the Strutters' - end of the year showcase. They had the time of their lives dancing on stage and watching "their" Strutters perform. Even Will ended up enjoying himself, thanks to the two humorous senior boys who MCed the event and a photo opportunity with his favorite Strutter…

2. Will had a fantastic week, so please allow me a moment to brag on him just a little… He wrapped up his soccer season with a goal in his final game, had a piece of his artwork chosen for display in the school district's annual art show, and placed second among all of the second graders at his elementary school in their annual Road Runners competition. He came just six laps shy - 214 to 220 - of the winner, who happens to be one of his very best friends. I was so proud, not just of Will's second place finish, but of how happy he was for his friend.

3. Our master bathroom is in shambles! The mess doesn't exactly please me, nor does sharing a rather small bathroom with Tom, my kids, and my mom and niece (who are visiting us for a few days) lessen the chaos that defines our home and lives throughout the entire month of May, but… The work going on around here means we're getting closer and closer to a shower that doesn't leak and fixtures that aren't rotting away and counters that aren't cracked. Pictures to come!

4. I finally walked the length of Japan! (That sentence makes it sound like accomplishing this feat has always been one of my personal hasn't.) According to my fitbit, since last July I've traveled 1,869 miles, otherwise known as the length of Japan. No wonder I'm so tired...

5. This little firecracker and her grandma (my mom) came to visit this weekend. I love it when she comes to Texas, and not just because I can't get enough of these two in matching outfits.

Happy Friday, friends!

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