Friday, May 15, 2015

High Five for Friday (5.15.15)

Last Thursday, Silly Lily and Grandma Brenda flew in from Illinois to spend the weekend amidst the chaos that is our house and lives these days. By the time they left on Monday morning we were all completely exhausted, which I think means we made the most of our time together. Today's High Five for Friday post is all about the fun we had!

1. While Will and Hallie were at school on Friday, Grandma and I built and stained a console table for my living room. We let Lily help us stain, which in hindsight was a bad idea because stain comes off little girl skin about as easily as permanent marker comes off walls…not well.

2. I cleaned the stain off my own hands, arms, and legs (Lily managed to stain skin other than her own) just in time to attend the kindergarten Spa Day for Mothers. Hallie gave me a back rub, painted my fingernails and toenails, slathered every inch of my visible skin with lotion, styled my hair, and applied multiple layers of make-up to my face. I looked bee-ee-u-tiful.

3. My sister, Sara, turned 30-something years old on Tuesday. Because we wanted needed a reason to eat cake, Tom, Will, Hallie, Grandma, Lily, and I celebrated Sara's birthday…without Sara…on Friday night. I think Sara really appreciated the effort we put into making the Friday before her birthday really special for everyone except her.

And then I forgot to send Sara's birthday present home with Lily. Sister of the year I'm not.

4. On Saturday afternoon, Grandma and Lily came with Hallie and me to Hallie's dance recital dress rehearsal. To make the outing even more fun, as I prepped Hallie, Grandma and I also prepped Lily. From top to bottom, Lily looked the part of a little dancer in Hallie's recital - she even wore Hallie's costume from last year's recital. They were too cute for words.

5. And what would a visit with Silly Lily be without matching outfits. At the outlet mall on Sunday, a store employee asked me if they actually were twins; I accidentally laughed out loud because while their personalities match perfectly, 20 months separate their ages and they don't look even the slightest bit related.
Reunited and it feels so good.
(Both were upset with Sara and me for not
putting them in matching capri leggings.)
Pink and white striped dresses for climbing trees.
They have to match, even when they sleep.
(Their styles of going to bed - as in, they don't - match too.)
Super hero girls!
A quick stop so Lily could meet Buccee for the first time.
Saying goodbye after Muffins with Mom/Donuts with Dad
at school on Monday morning. Lily cried through the farewell. 
As I sign off on this High Five for Friday, I want to leave you with two pictures: one was taken last weekend and the other was taken three summers ago. My boy's tenderness makes my heart sing.

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. nothing better than a spontaneous "holding hands" moment....

  2. Precious precious precious and I need that flamingo dress! So cute! Just stumbled across your blog from the link up, it's adorable!! Have an amazing weekend!!