Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (3.3.15)

More than anything else in the world, Tux just wants to BE with us. One of his favorite places is in our arms, carried around the house as one might carry a baby. I honestly think he would enjoy spending his days strapped to my chest in a Baby Bjorn, but since we no longer own a baby carrier I can't test out that theory.

Tux joins me in the bathroom every morning, and his desire to cuddle up in my arms makes it pretty tough to get ready. I usually end up giving him a rubber band to play with or turning on the faucet to a very slow drip to distract him so that I can actually blow dry my hair and put on my make-up.

To clarify, I don't pick Tux up - he climbs up my abdomen and chest until he finds a comfortable position. If I don't put one of my arms under his behind to support his weight he just climbs a little higher until he's balanced over my shoulder.

Now that I think about it, getting ready in the bathroom with Tux along for the ride is an awful lot like getting ready in the bathroom with toddlers in tow…

Unloading and using all of the tissues, and unloading and wearing all of the dirty clothes.

'Til next Tuesday, Tux 

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  1. Tux is adorable! He looks a lot like our cat, Sox:) Love a tuxedo cat!