Friday, March 13, 2015

High Five for Friday (3.13.15)

1. Last Friday I made a special trip to Target to purchase this:

Then throughout the weekend I watched the movie and the majority of the special features. I can hardly wait until Mockingjay, Part 2 comes out in November, especially because I plan to see it as part of a full-day viewing experience that involves watching each of the movies back-to-back-to-back-to-back with short breaks in between. I've already added "pick up and take care of the kids while Erin's at four movies" to Tom's Google calendar (seven months in advance), so it's basically a done deal.

2. The majority of my friends have daughters. Many have only daughters. As a result, Will is often the lone boy, save for an occasional toddler or baby, when we meet friends at the park, have friends over for dinner, and attend dance rehearsals and birthday parties. He rarely complains, as many of the daughters are his age and have become his friends over the years, but on occasion, the girliness gets to him.

Last weekend we attended a laser tag birthday party for a friend of Hallie's. Because the birthday girl's mom knows how much Will loves laser tag and Will is friends with her older daughter, Will was invited to join in the fun.

As usual, he was the only boy. Will played and ate lunch with the girls, but when the rainbow-layered, My Little Pony cake was served, he tried to take back a small piece of his manhood by eating only the "boy-colored" layers and frosting.

And once the present opening began - My Little Ponies and Barbies and Care Bears, oh my - Will just couldn't take it anymore.

Later that afternoon we had a discussion about birthday party etiquette, but in the moment I couldn't help but smile. He loves spending time with his female friends, but sometimes he needs a little more "boy" in his life. You can bet he was ready when laser tag finally started…

3. We have finally pulled the trigger on remodeling our master bathroom! I scheduled the appointments to choose our tiles, countertops, flooring, tub, and fixtures earlier this week, though the appointments aren't until early April because I can't decide these things on my own and need my mom to come with me. I can't wait to get the ball rolling, and to be rid of our leaking shower, cracked countertops, shell-shaped sinks, and disgusting carpet!

4. This, plain and simple. "Love doesn't know prejudice. Love conquers all."

5. Happiness Highlights:
She wore a hat, two hoods, a scarf, an undershirt, a long-
sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, two pairs of pants, two pairs
of socks, winter boots, her warmest winter coat, and ski
gloves to Will's soccer game. On the way home I heard
her mutter to herself, "of course I'm hot! Just look at me!"
This is how she came home from school last Friday.
80's flashback, anyone? (To be clear, her tights were
"whole" when she left for school that morning.)
Last Friday Will and I marveled at the moon (this picture doesn't do it
justice) as we walked home from his elementary school's movie night.
We talked about the phases of the moon and the constellations and the
meaning of life, and I silently wished he'd stay eight-years-old forever.
Speaking of last Friday…not too shabby for just another day
as a wife, mother, writer, and elementary school PTO volunteer.
We'd never ordered from Omaha Steaks before, but when I stumbled
upon a fantastic deal we decided to give them a try. $50 for $250 of
quality steaks, pork chops, hamburgers, meatballs, and franks along
with steak fries and apple tartlets? Definitely a happiness highlight!
I've missed this, so much.
Happy Friday, friends!

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