Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (3.10.15)

Most evenings Tux falls asleep in Will's room. At first I think Will forced him to do so, but eventually they fell into the habit of reading and then dozing off together. Walking in to check on Will and finding Tux tucked beneath Will's covers, wrapped in Will's blanket, or curled up in the crook of Will's arm makes my heart swell.

One night I walked in and found them, as I usually do, snuggled together.

The important different this time around was that Tux basically had the bed all to himself.

Seriously? How does someone fall asleep like that? Tom and I made fun and took more pictures of Will and Tux before we tucked them in and turned off the lights.

P.S. This wasn't the first time Will fell asleep hanging off the side of his bed. It was cute before, but it was even cuter with an itty bitty tuxedo kitten staking his claim on the empty space in the center of the bed.

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