Monday, January 13, 2014

They're Certainly Comfortable in Their Own Skin

First, this:

While playing in the gym childcare center, my girl and a little friend of hers made themselves up for the day. Be-ee-you-tee-ful, right? Of course the child herself is lovely, but you might find her make-up considerably less beautiful if you were her mother, and you found out that your husband picked her up from the gym childcare center and took her to school looking Just. Like. That. At least the make-up wasn't blue...

And second, this:

That's my boy dressed and ready for karate. When I asked him what he'd forgotten, he took inventory of the sparring gear covering much of his body and answered, "helmet, face shield, mouthguard, chest protector, gloves, and ankle protectors…nope, I'm not missing anything!"

"Um, what about pants?" I pondered aloud.

"Oh no, pants are way too restrictive for sparring", he replied.

When he started doing #2 front kicks through the kitchen I had to leave the room so my boy wouldn't see me cry tears of laughter.

He took it better than I'd expected when I broke it to him that his gym required students to wear uniforms under their sparring gear. "That's alright, Mama," he decided. "I can still spar in my underwear at home."

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