Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday, Week 1

I enjoy writing my own and reading others' messages of thanks throughout the month of November; for me, taking a moment out of each day to reflect on and preserve in writing a special moment, person, or experience is a simple but meaningful way to prepare for Thanksgiving.

I tend to focus on the little things though, so lest you think I'm not thankful for the big things, let's begin by saying that above all, I'm thankful for my loving husband and healthy, spirited children. I'm thankful for my supportive parents, the best little sister a girl could ask for, and my niece, nephew, in-laws, SILs, and BILs. My family rocks.

November 1st
I'm thankful for an unexpected opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and an hour of nearly-uninterupted conversation with a sweet friend.

November 2nd
I'm thankful for the beautiful fall weather, and the advent of a new Ferris family fall tradition.

November 3rd
I'm thankful that time changes no longer mess with my children's sleep schedules, and that as a result, I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning.

November 4th
I'm thankful that neither child complained about a single thing placed on their plates at dinner this evening.

November 5th
I'm thankful for the rain, as its presence lifts my spirits the way sun improves most people's moods, and that, at least for the time being, my little one feels the same way.

November 6th
I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my children, but just as thankful for the opportunity to spend time away from them. Knowing that I won't see them again until Sunday afternoon made this evening's cuddles on the couch that much sweeter.

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