Friday, November 1, 2013

High Five for Friday (11.1.13)

1. Halloween is over! I love Halloween, but these last few years the holiday has really begun to wear on me. Between costumes and parties and so, so much baking and decorating, I find myself completely wiped out by the time trick-or-treating rolls around. I power through the main event (and yes, I still keep track - with a sophisticated, hand-held "clicker" - of how trick-or-treaters visit our house in an attempt to "beat" my dad and my sister), but breath a sigh of relief when we finally turn off our front porch light around 9pm. Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the peanut-filled candy I confiscated from my peanut-allergic son!

2. It's November! I absolutely love November: cooler fall weather, my annual girls' weekend in Chicago with my mom and sister, my birthday, Thanksgiving. Our schedule clears ever so slightly (in preparation for a jam-packed December), which means more homemade dinners, evenings at home, and early bedtimes. Ah, earlier bedtimes…sounds like heaven to me!

Perhaps the cutest introduction to the month of November that ever existed.

If you can't understand two-year-old Little Miss, the words to the song are here.

3. I have thick corneas! After 26 years of wearing glasses and then a combination of contacts and glasses, I finally reached my breaking point and decided to pursue surgery to correct my near-sightedness. After I'd made my decision but before my consultation, a friend shared with me that she'd once hoped to have laser eye surgery but had been turned down because of thin corneas. I had no idea cornea thickness was even a "thing", let alone a surgical issue, and since that conversation I've had a bit of anxiety about the state of my corneas. As if I need more to worry about…

Though there are still a couple of hoops to jump through, I found out this week that my corneas are thick and should handle surgery nicely. One step closer to eyes that can see farther than six inches in front of my face!

4. This "Mr. Holland's Opus-ish" story about children who build their own musical instruments out of garbage will bring tears - at least some of which will be happy - to your eyes. It doesn't matter the kind, where it comes from, or how it's made…music joins hearts, opens minds, and makes the world a kinder, more peaceful, and more spiritual place.

5. Catching Fire opens in 20 days! I purchased my tickets and lined up my babysitter weeks ago, and I've just about finished rereading both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so now there's not much left to do but count down the days until the big release…

The final trailer, released earlier this week.

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  1. OMG! I cannot wait for the hunger games movie to come out! I read the book and I can't wait to see how they filmed it! And I can't believe it's november already either!!! So crazy! found you from h5ff!!

  2. I went for the consultation for laser eye surgery but I chickened out. For now, I'm okay with glasses (though I would love to just be able to see!)

  3. So excited for you and your makes me nervous so maybe your bravery will help me pursue it as well. Please keep us updated as you continue the process. I am also super pumped for the Hunger Games! Every time I see a preview I make everyone be silent so I don't miss a moment. :)