Monday, November 4, 2013

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Texas I Learned From Hallie

Thanks to Hallie, the other three members of the Ferris family recently enrolled - some more willingly than others - in Hallie's self-created "Everything You Need to Know About Texas" course. She initially offered this 125-hour long lecture free of charge to just her parents and her older brother, but I know for certain she would schedule a second lecture if family members and/or friends expressed an interest. (Ok, fine. The lesson may not have lasted 125 hours, but it sure felt like it.)

Here are photos of the four visual aids she used to supplement her lecture, along with some of her notes:
Hallie: This is our American flag.
Erin: Are you sure?
Hallie: Oops, this is our Texas flag. I like that it has a star.
Hallie: This is a coconut tree.
Erin: Are you sure?
 Hallie: Yep, it's a coconut tree.
Erin: It's actually a pecan tree.
Hallie: No, it's not. Don't tell me it's a pecan 
tree because I know and say it's a coconut tree.
Hallie: This is an armadillo. It tucks into its shell 
when it sees bad guys and then the shell is like a shield.
Hallie: This is a Bluebonnet. I painted the Bluebonnet and 
colored the leaves. The leaves make food for the Bluebonnet. 
So the lecture still needs a little fine-tuning.

And while she may have been completely wrong, I admire the fact that Hallie wouldn't budge when it came to the coconut tree taking its rightful place as the State Tree of Texas…

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  1. Your little girl knows more about TX than I do, just moved to the great state :) Happy to be your newest follower!