Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

The other day I noticed that the photo associated with my Google+ profile (which, for the record, I don't love, and while on I'm the subject, I didn't love that Google made me create a Google+ profile in order to continue my blog) was ridiculously out of date. The picture wasn't "old", as in taken years ago and kept up on the blog in an attempt to make readers think I'm younger than I am, but it certainly looked nothing like me.

Here's the picture I had been using, which was taken just over a year ago.

And here's the new picture, which was taken about a week ago.

I was born with blond hair and my blond locks stuck with me throughout childhood.  When my hair darkened to a horrendous dirty blond/light brown color (I'm not saying that dirty blond and/or light brown hair is horrendous - I'm just saying that MY natural hair color is horrendous) in my late teens/early 20's, I maintained the blond first with the help of my roommates and boxed hair dye and then with the help of professional colorists and their little tubes of hair color magic.

I went brunette for the first time in college, though I did so to remedy a roommate dye job gone bad and not because I wanted to.  The dark brown faded quickly, and I was happy when my blond hair returned  - thanks to the sun - after a summer spent working at the beach.

I went brunette for the second time right after Hallie was born.  It was time for a change, and since my hair wasn't yet long enough to cut it off and donate it, drastically changing the color was the next best thing.  This time I felt comfortable under my darker locks, but I still went back to blond when I once again visited my colorist again.

This time feels a little different.  I'm not sure if it's because the dark hair is what I have on top of my head right now, but when I look at the two pictures above, I think the bottom one looks like me and the top one looks like a stranger.

Perhaps I was meant to be a brunette all along.  (Which doesn't actually bode well for me, because I'm getting - thanks to Hallie - more and more gray hairs and as it turns out, gray hairs are much better hidden by blond hair.)

Interesting fact: I set up the camera for him, but Will took both of these pictures.


  1. You look amazing. You always have. :-)

  2. What's funny is that in my head you are still the top picture! Lol, i suppose that's because i always see you with your hair pulled back and sweating :-)