Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It was "V" week in kindergarten, and Mrs. Pratt asked the children in her class to draw a picture of something that started with that letter. If you're a regular reader of this here blog, I'm sure you can imagine how my heart swelled with pride and overflowed with joy when Will chose to draw...a vampire.

This vampire's name is Will - not Edward - and he doesn't drink blood. Instead, vampire Will drinks blue gatorade and beats up bad guys with his boxing-glove-like hands.

Will knows very little about Twilight (I've never spoken to him about the movies or the books, and while it's possible he's heard me talking to Tom, my sister, or friends about them, it's unlikely he absorbed any vampire-related information because I know for a fact that Will only listens to 37% of what I say), which he recently demonstrated when he saw a picture of Bella and asked me why Katniss wasn't carrying her bow and arrow.

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