Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Day in the Life

This post was inspired by Ten on Ten, a photo project I came across on A Bit of Sunshine. The goal of the project is to discover, through the camera lens, the life and beauty our eyes often miss by taking one picture every hour, for 10 consecutive hours, on the 10th day of the month.

I called my post "A Day in the Life" instead of Ten on Ten because for this, my first go at a full day of taking pictures, I focused more on what I was actually doing at the top of every hour than I did on unearthing unexpected beauty in my surroundings. And because the day on which I took these photos was rather ordinary, my photos are also, well, ordinary; they do an extraordinary job of capturing exactly what an ordinary day in my ordinary life looks like.

I'd like to give Ten on Ten another try in February or March, and when I do I'd like to follow the guidelines of the project a little more closely: my photos will be less about what I'm doing and more about the beautiful environment in which I'm blessed to be living my life. (Oh, and I plan to use my actual camera, and not the camera on my phone.)
Must. Drink. Coffee.
Loading up my little love bug.
Making muscles.
Blowdrying my hair.
Flattering shot, isn't it?
Stocking up at Target.
As always, the items in my cart are unrelated and plentiful: Champagne, goldfish crackers,
vitamins, Valentine's Day cards, laundry detergent, straws, and hair rubber bands.
Don't worry - I waited until I had come to a complete stop to take this picture.
Volunteering at the preschool book fair.
Walking home after picking the boy up from school.
Enjoying my daily Coke Zero.
Scooter and bike riding through the neighborhood.
Can you tell we live in Texas?  This is what January looks like.
Making dinner for the kids.
Making dinner for the hubby.
Folding little boy laundry.
Wrapping up the day with a little treat.

There you have it - an ordinary day in an ordinary life.  Now that I think about it, ordinary isn't half bad.

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