Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (2.15.13)

Sorry for the late post - technical difficulties.

Fun. The Shoes, Not the Band. Though I Like the Band Too.
Remember these shoes? The ones I spotted on a BCS Christmas Parade participant? After reading that blog post, my mom tracked the shoes down online and bought them for me. Accomplishing this task was anything but easy, as the style/color had been recently discontinued and finding the shoes at all - let alone in my fairly common size - took her quite a while. (The day after my mom bought the shoes for me, she decided she wanted a pair for herself and went back to the website...only to find that the online store was completely sold out.) Last week they arrived at my front door, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Mom!

Last summer I bought new athletic shoes, and for the first time I went with an all-over bright color instead of a neutral color with bold accents. I was shocked to discover how dramatically my vibrant shoes impacted my workouts; yes, they're comfortable and supportive and all the things good athletic shoes are expected to be, but they're also FUN. They call to me in the morning, begging me to put them on and give them a chance to have a positive impact on my day. After I realized how much more fun I had working out when I was wearing fun shoes, I promised myself I'd never go back to boring.

People vs. Winter
It's technically summer here in Texas, but while we sun ourselves on our back patios and eat popsicles for dessert (just kidding - it's actually a kind-of-chilly 60 degrees here today) much of the rest of country is still suffering through a relatively nasty winter.  In honor of these folks, please enjoy this laugh-out-loud (and at times cringe-inducing) video highlighting the unfortunate events that may result when humans try to fight the inevitable that is winter. (Spring is just around the corner, my Northern friends - Phil said so himself. In the meantime, please wear a helmet and keep your car off snowy, icy hills!)

Red Cross: Show Your Love: Donate Blood
It's not to late to celebrate Valentine's Day in a slightly unorthodox way.  Anyone want to donate blood with me next week?

MomsEveryday: Organizational Challenge
I'm already about halfway through my Organizational Challenge, but it's not too late for you to join me and jump on the organize-your-mind/life-by-organizing-your-home band wagon.  MomsEveryday covered the Organizational Challenge outline here - check it out!

MomsEveryday: Valentine's Day Anxiety
Yes, Valentine's Day has come and gone.  But that doesn't mean you can't read about and laugh at my weird issues with Valentine's Day and Pinterest and crafting and homemade heart crayons and bleeding fingers over on MomsEveryday.  Good times, friends, good times.

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