Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up (8.24.12)

Life Lessons
Will starts kindergarten in three days. Despite the fact that I've spent years teaching (or at least trying to teach) him about right and wrong and the importance of being kind to others, standing up for those in need, telling the truth, and working hard to achieve his goals, I suddenly feel like we need to discuss every single one of these concepts in great detail before I send him off on Monday morning. I might even administer a pop quiz, just to give Will an opportunity to prove to me the depth of his understanding.

Not really, people. Despite the fact that Will would absolutely LOVE it if I wrote and gave him a test - he's just that kind of kid - I think that may be taking these life lessons a little bit far.

Jenna Christine: YouTubesdays
Last week I shared with you a little "Jenna Christine" teaser - I hope you enjoyed it!

This week I wanted to introduce you to you Jenna's YouTube channel and her YouTubesday music videos. Every week Jenna covers, from the casual comfort of her living room, tunes by a wide variety of artists, from Rascal Flatts and Bonnie Raitt to Justin Bieber and Adele. Her three most recent videos have included the accompaniment of her brother (my BIL), Grant Ferris, a professional guitarist and a six-time International Male Modeling Champion. Below are links to two of my favorite YouTubesday videos, along with a link to perhaps my all-time favorite Hallie video that Jenna edited and posted on her site. Enjoy!

You by Chris Young, covered by Jenna Christine and Grant Ferris

Little Miss by Sugarland, covered by Jenna Christine

Baby Baby by Justin Bieber, covered by Hallie Claire

MomsEveryday: Back to School Survival
I realize that some of you, especially those whose kids returned to school last week or will head back in just three days, feel like summer has already drawn to a close; my apologies to you, as this post may be feel like too little, too late.

This week MomsEveryday ran Back to School Survival, a new post of mine about how to savor the last few weeks/days/hours of summer vacation and not drive yourself crazy trying to "do it all" before the first day of school. Enjoy!

Red Cross: World Humanitarian Day
Last Sunday, August 18th was World Humanitarian Day. Yes, the day itself has passed. But the mission of World Humanitarian Day...

To honor and pay tribute to those who have helped and those who continue to help people around the world, regardless of who and where they are, and to recognize and appreciate the acts of kindness, no matter how small, that define our humanitarian spirit.

...lives on throughout the year. I encourage you to visit the National American Red Cross blog to read a little more about how can join in this "global celebration of people helping people.

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