Thursday, August 23, 2012


Are you an Instagram user? I am, but only in small doses. I love altering the occasional photo to make it appear as though it was taken 30 years ago or just this morning as the sun was cresting the horizon, and I've enjoyed playing around with the feature that creates a haze surrounding the picture's focal point. I don't, however, find the application particularly user-friendly - I always have trouble getting back to the main menu, and it took me far longer than it should have to figure out how to pull pictures from my phone's camera roll to Instagram.

I've managed to take a few decent pictures with my phone and edit them using Instagram - here's a small sample:

I certainly wouldn't trade taking pictures with my "nice" camera for taking pictures with my phone, but I'd like to improve my phone camera skills - using Instagram as well as the phone's regular camera application - so that when it isn't feasible to carry along my big camera, lenses, and case, I can throw my phone in my pocket and not worry about missing something photo-worthy because the phone camera is my only option.

Those of you who use your phone as your primary camera... Do you prefer taking pictures using Instagram or do you take pictures with your phone's camera application and then transfer them to Instagram for editing? Any tips for taking good pictures with your camera phone?

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