Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tour de Madison

The City of Madison is a biker's paradise. Hundreds of miles of well-kept and bustling bike trails run through and around the city, and last year B-Cycle - a bike-sharing system that allows members to check out and use community bikes whenever and wherever they're needed - arrived, taking the city's commitment to bikers and the relatively new concept of urban bike sharing to a whole new level.

The Capitol City Trail, which passes through downtown Madison but also reaches the outskirts of the city, is a popular commuter trail; according to the most recently collected statistics, more than 2,500 people commute using this trail every single weekday.
A not-so-exciting shot of the bike bath
as it approaches downtown.
My mom, the kids, and I were out for a walk and decided to head home from our adventure (and by "adventure" I mean "a four-mile walk that took an hour and a half because we had to stop every five minutes to put one of the kids in timeout for hitting, kicking, or biting the other one") on the bike path. It was around 4:30pm in the afternoon, so the commuters and evening exercisers were out in full force. As the steady stream of bikers whizzed past us, Will's eyes and then head followed each one with increasing interest. Finally, he blurted out, "Mom! Grandma! Are you seeing all these bikers?! It's just like the Tour de France out here!"
"It's 5pm and I'm going home!!!"

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