Tuesday, September 12, 2023

How Will You Know When You Are Officially Old?

How will you know when you are officially old?

I know I still have a ways to go in the eyes of some. I also know that I'm already there (#40andsad) in the eyes of others, including these 7th graders.

A teacher asked his students, "how will you know you are OFFICIALLY old?" His students' answers are unbelievably spot on:

This is the only one of these statements that
 doesn't apply to me (or Tom). I play plenty of
other old people games on my phone though.

Why are there so many acronyms?! Why does using
correct grammar and spelling, punctuation of any kind,
and/or complete sentences imply that I'm mad?! 

I'm looking at you, Tom.
(And also you, Will, interestingly enough.)


Check, check.

Check, check, check.

Why are oatmeal raisin cookies so
gross to kids but delicious to adults?!

Bending down, standing back up...

Or the crying (laughing and sobbing) emojis...

My apologies to my family...in this regard
I've been officially old for at least 20 years.

It's Lowe's for me.

Candy corn? Caramels?

And there it is, my greatest weakness.

I don't follow the person who shared this series or the teacher who created the exercise, but social media felt these images were right for me and holy cow did that algorithm do its job.

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