Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Monthly Medley: August 2023



While not quite as good as last month's The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, this month's The Guilt Trip - about a group of friends whose relationships go array (to put it mildly) as two prepare to marry - by Sandie Jones was still a great summer read. 


I went immediately to AppleTV+ to watch The Last Thing He Told Me as soon as I realized the book had been turned into a limited series. While the screen adaptation wasn't quite as good, it was still worth watching - Jennifer Garner held her own (of course she did) as the protagonist, the rest of the casting was well done, and the storyline closely followed that of the book.

Listening To

Well, Scamanda ended up being quite the story, AMIRIGHT?! I started this podcast at the very end of July, but cruised through the rest of it in August. This shockingly true story is definitely worth a listen.


At the risk of sounding overdramatic, the addition of this rolling appliance tray (which allows the coffee pot to smoothly slide out from under the upper cabinets and therefore more easily be filled with water) to my kitchen has been LIFE-CHANGING. Sometimes little things can make a big difference, and this is one of those instances for me.


I'm a fan of this basic black tank dress from Target, and I'm going to be wearing this tee on repeat for the next three months! (If you check out the link for the t-shirt, you'll see that the original said "Dance Comps" instead of "Nutcracker Rehearsals." You can change up the wording however you'd like if you include your preferred phrase in the notes section when you order.)


I've been cooking so much more - more regularly and more food - since we returned from our summer travels. We're still not a "three course meal around the dinner table every weeknight" kind of family, but everyone is decently fed, most of the time. 

I tried three new recipes in August and since none were good enough to save and share, I'll instead share what one of everyone's favorite meals this month - a giant salad bar - and what made it great. I cup up a big bowl of lettuce and chopped a portion of all of the vegetables in the refrigerator: carrots, tomatoes, peppers, celery, and onions. I put everything in its own individual bowl and lined the bowls up alongside croutons, shredded cheese, an assortment of dressings, and this grilled chicken, which I'd picked up at Target earlier that day. The crowd went wild over this salad bar, as well as the batch of blueberry muffins I made as our "side dish," to the point that I think we might start having salad bar dinners at least once every couple of weeks!

Note: for our family of four, we went through one full
package and about a third of another for dinner. We could
have gotten by with one, but I'm glad I had two on hand.

Feeling Good About 

I've discovered that my favorite two genres of videos are 1) dogs (any animals, really) reuniting with their humans after long separations, and 2) people who don't have cats waking up to find cats snuggling them. I'm trying to branch out for y'all, but it's hard.


Have a great September!

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