Friday, September 29, 2023

High Five for Friday (9.29.23)


Hallie had her first high school choir concert last Thursday night, and they - the many different choirs, all of whom performed together - sounded amazing. Just like with orchestra, it's crazy to see/hear the development, progress, and improvement that takes place from year to year.


Choir also performed the following evening - supporting the MANY middle school choir members on hand for Middle School Night - at the football game. Hallie and I didn't stick around for much of the game this time, but I wish I'd had: a friend of Will's (and son of a friend of mine) made a 46-yard field goal, and then after a five-yard penalty erased his field goal and bumped him back, he made a 51-yard field goal. And this, my friends, is why soccer players make great kickers. 😁 (Here's a link to the kick.)


We finally have new lights in our guest/the kids' bathroom! There used to be a box light in this bathroom, and one day MANY months ago, Tom and I decided we'd had enough of it and he took the box down. Since then, the bathroom has been lit by exposed shop bulbs, which did the job but looked horrible. Last weekend we finally had the shop lights removed, the single fixture wiring split to power two fixtures, and the drywall repaired. There's still MUCH work to do (next up is for me to sand down the wall where the box once hung and paint the bathroom walls), but this was a step in the right direction!


On Saturday Hallie had the opportunity to take a ballet masterclass with the incredible Lauren Anderson. While Ms. Anderson has earned a lengthy list of accolades and tallied countless accomplishments dancer, many know her as the first African American promoted to principal dancer at Houston Ballet. She was everything we'd hoped she would be and more: a brilliant ballerina and gifted educator, but also energetic and fun and funny. Perhaps most importantly, she made every dancer feel valued and worthy. Every single dancer came out of her class radiating confidence with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.


And so it begins...Hallie's first mum! 

For my readers who aren't from Texas, I know you have no idea what to make of that giant flower necklace. I promise to explain this Texas tradition in an upcoming post! 


Happy weekend, friends!

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