Friday, September 1, 2023

High Five for Friday (9.1.23)



More than anything, I'm overjoyed that today is September 1st. I don't like heat and humidity and constant sunshine* to begin with, so this summer's (record-setting) oppressive conditions have felt like a brutally demoralizing and depressing attack on my sanity. 

When we flip the calendar to September 1st the weather doesn't suddenly change, but September is the month in which fall officially starts and brings us one month closer to months that aren't so miserably hot. 

So welcome, September. I'm so happy you're here.

* I like sunshine. But I need sunshine mixed with clouds and rain and thunderstorms and snow. I need WEATHER - my mental health depends on it - and I like it when the weather changes from time to time... not when the sun never stops shining and shrivels us up like a frozen pizza left in the oven for too long. 


Jitty and Ana have both gone to their forever homes. I appreciate the "quiet after the storm," as the period of time right after kittens leave gives me a chance to deep clean places they lived (and gives Plié an opportunity to decompress), but I still miss those crazy little balls of fluff.

They never let Jitty into their beds, but she
tried...and then settled on the chair next to them.

Popeye's favorite day of the week is "bag day" (the
day I bring home groceries in bags). I toss the bags
on the floor after I unload them and then supervise
his bag playtime while I put the groceries away. On Jitty's
last Friday, she and Popeye enjoyed bag day together.


My mom sent us "the good stuff" to help us get through the first few weeks of school. Chocolate Shoppe (motto: if you want healthy, eat carrots) ice cream is the best.


Last Saturday we spent 11 hours orienting parents, orienting dancers, and fitting costumes for Nutcracker. My girl got to try on costumes she has previously only ever dreamed about wearing, and it was amazing.

No costume pictures...just a pic of her with friends, before they reached next-level exhaustion from volunteering for most of the day.


Last Sunday I got to watch my boy play soccer for the first time in months (there were no games in July, then I missed his first two friendlies because of Nutcracker commitments, and then he missed this third friendly because he was taking the SAT). I love it. 

No soccer pictures either, mostly because it was one million degrees outside and I couldn't think straight. Oh, and my phone was melting.


Happy weekend, friends!

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