Friday, September 8, 2023

High Five for Friday (9.8.23)



Last Friday night Hallie, along with many of her high school's choir members, sang the National Anthem at our first home football game of the year. She surprised me by wanting to stay through halftime, and we had a great time talking about football* and then watching the cheerleaders, dance team, and band at halftime. 

I love both football and high school sporting events, which means I enjoy spending my Friday Nights (under the) Lights. We won't venture to any away games (unless the team moves on to the playoffs), but I'm excited about the remaining home games on our calendar!

* She knows NOTHING about football, which is crazy given that Tom and I have always been football fans. You'd think she would have picked up bits and pieces over the years, but nope. She also doesn't understand football fandom - she truly couldn't grasp her fellow students' enthusiasm when the team did well. (She also couldn't understand how I could recognize certain players, even though one in particular has been friends with Will - they've played club and high school soccer together - and I've been friends with his mom for years. Everything football is just completely foreign to her.)


Week one of Nutcracker rehearsals is in the books! As a Board member I'm happy - overall - with how things are going, and as a mom, I'm thrilled to be watching my girl live her best life.

Tickets are available now! Visit the MCS Box Office website or call 979-845-1234 for tickets to experience the magic for yourself.


The second half of our Labor Day weekend was peppered with two birthday parties, (a second viewing of) the Barbie movie, water balloons, disc golf, and a little lounging around. It was SO nice to have a three-day weekend, especially with the Monday off, as Mondays are brutal for Tom, me, and Hallie this year. Where are we on those four-day work and school weeks?


Wow. Just wow.

The girls' "posed" shots were staged to look "behind the scenes."

Encore Jr/Sr and Encore Apprentice

Encore Jr/Sr

📷 Credit for these photos belongs to the always amazing Ari Jones of Ariana Jones Photography.


Happiness Highlights

He leads a pretty good life, this one.

Having a little pre-Halloween fun with dry ice.

He doesn't want to talk often, so when he does, everything else stops.

These tiny Target carts are the absolute cutest. I
wish they'd had these when my kids were little!

From my new favorite coffee shop/office.

A little love "note" from Hallie. 

When Tom's not around, Plié can make do with Will.

She makes it hard to be productive though. 😂

Happy weekend, friends!

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