Friday, September 15, 2023

High Five for Friday (9.15.22)


On Monday morning we woke up to this:

It only lasted for about an hour and we haven't seen anything as pleasant since, but it's a start and means we're headed in the right direction! (And by the "right direction," I mean toward fall.)


On Wednesday afternoon, it rained at my house. As soon as I heard the rain begin, I grabbed my computer and my water, ran to the porch to set up my outdoor workspace, and enjoyed what remained of the three-minute shower. 

(And on Thursday morning, it RAINED. I went for my morning walk outside and got soaking was fantastic.)


This boy has discovered that if he's supervised, he likes to tip toe around the backyard. He's the sweetest.


Will had a great first orchestra concert - their annual ice cream social, which includes ice cream and a few songs performed for our district's intermediate and middle school orchestra members and their families. (Since this concert is a little more casual and includes ice cream, it takes place in the cafeteria.)


This is kind of a pathetic and depressing high five, but it's representative of how my week has gone...

On Monday night I attended my kids' high school open house. Sitting through their teachers' presentations on what they're teaching, how they're teaching it, how they test, how they grade, how they assign homework, etc. made me so unbelievably glad that I'm no longer in high school. I honestly don't know how they're doing it (and doing it reasonably well), and I'm so proud of them. High five a high schooler today - they need it.


Happy weekend, friends!

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