Friday, September 22, 2023

High Five for Friday (9.22.23)



Will scored a goal in his game on Saturday. Some kids score all the time, but Will scores so rarely (#defender) that it feels worthy of a high five when it happens. (His last goal was for his high school team in early February. Before that, he hadn't scored in close to two years, and prior to that it had probably been three years. Annnnd that sums up all of his goals since he started playing at a truly competitive level.) I missed it because I was Nutcrackering, but another mom filmed it and shared the video with Tom, who then shared the video with me. It's poor quality, but I'm still posting it here to help me remember that it happened. (If you watch, turn down your volume - the mom who was filming screams loudly when the ball goes in. 😉)


Flu shots ✔

And CVS got finally got cute bandaids, which made Hallie and me happier than it should have. 


I love that she still lets me (and likes it when I) do her hair. On Sunday we trialed - complete with photos and a tutorial video shot by cameraman Will - a new Nutcracker style for the Ballet Brazos Costume Guide!

This hairstyle was so secure (which is kind of the point with stage hair) that Hallie slept in it and wore it to school the next day. I felt very accomplished.


Tom tidied up his lab (farewell, Mushroom Kingdom), which means Hallie has her very own workspace in there. She's a putterer and a tinkerer like Tom, and I love that she enjoys being out there with him.


Happiness Highlights

That's what I brought to Nutcracker rehearsal last
Saturday. It probably seems like a weird Happiness
Highlight, but I love all of the moving parts and jobs
associated with this production and time of year.  

Hallie was cast in the ensemble of her school musical! She only
tried out in a dance capacity (she truly doesn't have time for a singing
or speaking role) and isn't 100% sure she'll participate (time is also an issue
even for this kind of role), but I'm proud of her for putting herself out there.

"just because" flowers

I mean, come ON. 😍


Happy weekend, friends!

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