Friday, February 10, 2023

High Five for Friday (2.10.23)


Girl Scout Cookies are here! Well, they were here - now they're almost gone, and I haven't gotten to eat a single one...I'm looking at you, WILL FERRIS.


I was on the news TWICE on last Friday. I wrote about it here, but it was definitely a highlight of my week so it gets a mention in today's post as well.


Last Saturday Hallie spent the day in Killeen at the Region Choir clinic and concert. She had a lot of fun throughout the day and the group sounded AMAZING when they performed! (Video to come...we were asked not to film but they said a recording would be available soon.)


A couple of years ago our besties adopted their kitty Teaka (who was originally named Bob, of the Hallie's Hairstyle Babies) from us as fosters and through our rescue, Six Kittens Rescue. Last week they adopted their second kitty, sweet baby Waffle. He's a precious floof with a knack for snuggling, and he frequently falls asleep sitting up, which is adorable. We haven't had kittens in quite a while (hopefully soon!) so it was wonderful to be around a little babe again. 


And now for your weekly Lads Update!

Somehow the lads have continued to find ways to win and are now 5-0 in district play and 11-0 overall!

Last Thursday night (rescheduled from last Tuesday night), they beat Magnolia West 4-2 in a double come-from-behind (they were down 0-1 and then again 1-2) victory. Last Friday night, they beat College Station High School - our crosstown rival - in an epically close 2-1 battle. Most of these boys are friends because they play club together, so it's tough for them to go against each other and it's tough for the parents to go against each other. The game was fun though, especially because it was well-attended despite the weather - the students are so fun in the stands. On Tuesday night, they beat Rudder High School 3-1, in what was a fight against the wind more than anything else. They were down 0-1 for almost all of the first half, but with just a couple of seconds left on the clock, they* scored to go into halftime tied and with a fire lit beneath them. 

* By they, I mean WILL FERRIS. WILL FERRIS SCORED A GOAL. Will is a defender, and while he occasionally gets an assist, he only scores once every two or three YEARS. The goal was exciting, as was his goal celebration knee slide...which took all of the skin off of his knees. He says it was worth it.

He told me these were the best pictures taken of him in his entire life.

#wegoagain tonight - go Lads!


Have a great weekend, friends!

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