Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Monthly Medley: March 2023


At the end of February I finished an article about the Farley brothers, who created the famous Farley Boat and started Farley Boat Works in Port Aransas, and at the end of March I wrapped up a piece about the VOOM Foundation, a humanitarian medical mission organization based in College Station. Both should appear in future issues of Texas Living!


After quite a few months of continuously forgetting to buy or check out the book, I finally got my hands on a copy of All Good People Here by true crime superstar Ashley Flowers. Just like Flowers researches and tells a good crime story, she also researches and writes a great mystery; I really enjoyed the plot, characters, and twists and turns, and I liked - though this was a little weird - that I heard Flowers as the narrator in my head.


The Hunger Games series appeared on Netflix a few weeks ago, so over spring break Hallie and I binged all four movies. She hasn't yet read the books so we paused A LOT for me to explain the characters and their relationships and provide foundational information, and she covered her eyes during some of the more violent scenes, but overall she loved the movies and I loved watching them with her.

Hallie and I also finished the second season of The Mysterious Benedict Society, and as a family we're about halfway through the series. Will and I, after months (years?), finally finished Psych. He and I are now in search of a new show to watch together - we like mysteries, heists, etc. and in the past we've enjoyed The Mentalist, Lie to Me, Manifest, 11.22.63... any suggestions?

On my own, I watched the Netflix documentary about the Murdoch family (fascinating and troubling), and together we've been watching our brackets get busted. 💣💥

Listening To

Ashley Flowers' podcast, The Deck Investigates, released while we were attending the RDA Festival, so she kept us company as we cruised some of the longer, less interesting stretches of road on our way back to College Station. I quickly finished the podcast once we arrived home, and I highly recommend it for those who love true crime - Ashley Flowers for the win once again!


I recently discovered OwlKitty (@owl_kitty) on Instagram (and then on the OwlKitty website). OwlKitty is the stage name for Lizzy, a six-year-old "floof" whose owner edits her into famous movies. Some of my favorites include Titanic, Jaws, and Home Alone.


I didn't buy any new clothing for myself in March, but I have my eye on Boden's new swimsuits and I'm considering ordering a suit from Grace Sunny...anyone have positive or negative things to say about this brand? If so, let me know!


In my mid-30s, I outgrew the greasy hair I'd dealt with during my teens and 20s while also training my hair to go longer and longer between washes. At its "peak," I could get away with washing my hair twice a week, which was wonderful. Well, something changed in the last year, and my hair is now getting greasy more quickly than it had been for years. Enter L'Oreal Ever Pure tinted dry shampoo, which generally gives me a bonus third day when I need it. This dry shampoo also smells nice, matches the color of my hair, and won't break the bank.


I didn't do much ground-breaking cooking in March, but I did bake a lot for the Lads. Over the course of the season's home games I made brownies, blondies, red (maroon) velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and maroon and silver sprinkles, black bottom cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with (grass/turf green) buttercream frosting and soccer ball rings, and these Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake Bars (#9 and #10 on the list). They were delicious - or so I was told - and I'm definitely hanging onto this compilation of bar cookies to try some of the others in the future.


Feeling Good About

Hope you and yours had a wonderful March!

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