Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Polar Plunge 2022

Two years ago we began a new tradition, not to replace our Swimsuit Snow Angel tradition, but to serve as a placeholder when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate or our efforts are thwarted by a pandemic. Taking the Polar Plunge here in Texas isn't quite the same as taking the Polar Plunge in Wisconsin, where doing the deed generally involves jumping into an ice-covered (except where jumping in) lake, but jumping into an unheated pool on a cold day and after quite a few cold nights is the best we can do. 

Sadly, I didn't take the Polar Plunge this year. (And I think that since the high temperatures have begun climbing into the 70s and 80s, the window for doing so has closed.) But Hallie, her bestie Avery, and Avery's brother Cullen, did take the Polar Plunge this year, so I'm considering that both a win and a continuation of our tradition. 

The kids and I love this exciting and energizing tradition, and I'm sad I missed out on doing this one (kind of) crazy thing this year. Next year I'll be back in the pool, I promise.  

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