Friday, March 4, 2022

High Five for Friday (3.4.22)


I'm running a little "behind" with this week's HFFF post (as in this post covers the last 11-12 days rather than the last 7-8 days) thanks to a couple of scheduling conflicts that required me to crank out last week's HFFF post a little early. This probably doesn't matter to most of you, but I like to mention when the timeline skews one way or the other so you aren't wondering why I'm writing about something that happened at the beginning of last week. 

Additionally, it feels important for me to mention that just because I'm posting about a few light and bright moments in my life doesn't mean that I don't feel the darkness - here in Texas and across the world in Ukraine - closing in. I don't know that I have the capacity to write about these catastrophic events right now, but I do have the capacity to acknowledge the pain and suffering for which they are responsible. I am doing my own research on how I can best help bring about healing and peace with regard to both tragedies.  


Over the course of a couple of hours last Monday (we had the day off for Presidents Day), Mandi, Jenn, and I turned Mandi's preschool classroom into a rainforest. I hope her kiddos enjoy their rainforest unit!


Last Tuesday and Wednesday we celebrated Jenn's birthday. She originally picked "chocolate" for her cake, but that was too vague (and frankly, not exciting enough) for me. So I gave her a lengthy list of different kinds of chocolate cakes - chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate bundt cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate bundt cake with chocolate ganache, black forest cake, mint chocolate chip cake, german chocolate cake, Dr. Pepper (w/ or w/out cherry) cake, hot cocoa cake, chocolate peanut butter cake, or any of these as as cupcakes - and she chose this cake and this frosting. I licked the bowl like my life depended on it - this batter is simply divine. (I've made this cake for multiple people but I've never actually tasted a piece baked. 😂) Looking forward to celebrating a little more intentionally with her and friends soon! 


Hallie had a wonderful choir concert last Thursday night. It's amazing to me how far these kids can come in just a semester under the tutelage of a good teacher.


My girl may not have mastered doing her own hair, but she's getting better at doing mine!


Happiness Highlights

Celebrating Ms. Bethany's birthday during Apprentice.

Your weekly photo of Bill and Molly watching
sports (USWNT soccer this time) on television.

Me, Will, my friend-since-first-grade, Katy, and her oldest son,
Connor.  Katy's mom found this pic - taken during the summer
of 2008 - last week and sent it to time flies.

It was 34 degrees and raining last Friday night. If you look closely, you'll
see that only one player chose to forgo leggings or warm-up pants. That
same player chose to forgo the warm-up puffer coat as well. I bet you can
guess who that one player was.  #WisconsinProud (or #FrostbiteProud?)

Check out this ad for Tuesday's soccer game!

Happy Friday, friends!

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