Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Taking the Polar Plunge

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that after missing out on swimsuit snow angels two years in a row (don't worry, my dad kept the tradition alive), I was in search of a new winter tradition...not one to replace the swimsuit snow angels but to "sub in" when Mother Nature didn't cooperate. I also mentioned a polar plunge - in a friend's unheated swimming pool - as an option, acknowledging that while it may not require quite the same level of mental toughness, it just might have to do.

Shortly thereafter, an opportunity presented itself, and we took advantage.

The temperature that evening was about 58 degrees, but the sun had set, there was a light breeze, and the water temperature was much colder - around 40 degrees. (I realize that Midwestern Polar Plungers reading this post are scoffing at me right now, but again, we're doing the best with what Mother Nature sends our way.) These two polar plunged many times:

And then it was the moms' turn, just to be able to say we'd done it:

For the record, Jenn actually jumped in more than once, earning herself some kind of yet-to-be-created mom toughness badge. She also let me share this video on the internet, so she probably deserves a badge for that too.

Cheers to our first annual Polar Plunge!

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