Friday, August 10, 2018

High Five for Friday (8.10.18)

After a month of rarely using an alarm clock followed by a week of early wake-up calls to get Hallie to her  "Creative in Nature" camp, I felt a seemingly brand new appreciation for sleeping in (until, you know, 7:45am) last weekend. Oh, lazy Saturday mornings, I love you so.

I get to sleep in this weekend as well, and then that's it...until Thanksgiving, at least. 😂

Speaking of Saturday mornings... Last Saturday morning friends and I celebrated another friend's birthday at a new breakfast/brunch restaurant in town. The restaurant received mixed reviews, but the company earned an A+.

After attending a fantastic "Creative in Nature" camp last week, Hallie knocked out both Little Belles dance camp and the Ballet Austin dance intensive this week. I feel incredibly lucky to live in a community that offers - through its city parks and recreation departments, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses - such high quality summer programming for kids.

Lest you think I forgot about Will... He wasn't able to attend a camp this week because he had two big appointments that would have interfered with camp attendance. (More on these milestones next week!) He did, however, still get to attend workouts at "his" gym and his soccer practices started back up this week as well. 

I use little cards and notes from Will and Hallie as bookmarks, and in June, I accidentally returned a book to the library with one of these cards - a beautiful Mother's Day gift that Hallie made for me last year - tucked inside. I didn't realize I had done so, however, so you can imagine my surprise, delight, and thankful heart when I went to the checkout counter at the library last week and the librarian returned it to me. Nothing on the card links it to me except Hallie's name, so I assume they searched for the name "Hallie" in their system, connected her to me by last name, and then attached an electronic note to my library card so that whoever checked me out would ask if the Mother's Day card belonged to me. I am so grateful to the library for going the extra mile to reunite me with this special gift, and so relieved that Hallie and the library - who haven't always gotten along - seem to have made amends.

Hallie's desk chair FINALLY arrived, only three months after we first placed the order! The chair is adorable and surprisingly comfortable, and future engineer Hallie loved putting it together with a little help from her daddy.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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