Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Waltzing Through Wisconsin

While there are still plenty of new experiences for us to have in Wisconsin (we try to have at least one each year, so this summer we went on a tour of Lambeau Field and rode the rollercoasters at Bay Beach), we like to spend at least part of our time in Madison visiting our favorite places and participating in our favorite activities.

In this, likely my last Wisconsin post for the year, I'm recalling and documenting the small but uniquely Madison experiences - those we might accidentally forget about when we focus on the more exciting experiences - we had this summer.

Saying hello to as many Bucky Badgers (there are currently 85 throughout Madison - we have quite a few more to visit before we're done) as possible:
On campus by the Memorial Union Terrace.
At Brittingham Park.
At the Henry Vilas Zoo.
At Metcalf's grocery store.

Posing in front of the Capitol:
The railroad tracks by my elementary school.
The end of State Street.
The bridge over West Wash.

Painting the Vilas Park Shoe Slide:
Painting Saturn.
Making her handprint "signature".
Back the following day to show off her "hand"-iwork.
The finished Saturn!

Walking through the St. Mary's meditation maze:
Finding her inner zen.

Playing miniature golf (specifically the giraffe hole):
Madison has the best miniature golf course ever: slides and
rock walls, tunnels and rivers, zip lines and, of course, giraffes. 

Enjoying popcorn, lemonade, and Wisconsin's own Spotted Cow beer on the UW Memorial Union Terrace:
Listening to a great blue grass band.
It was 74 DEGREES outside on the evening I took this picture.

Farewell, Wisconsin! See you next summer!

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