Friday, August 3, 2018

High Five for Friday (8.3.18)

I've had the kind of week that reminds me just how important these posts are for my mental health. I could have written a "Five Fails for Friday" post for today in seconds, but because I made a commitment to find and document at least a few beautiful, joyful, happy, or at least not terrible moments every week, this remains a "High Five for Friday" post. Thank you for keeping me accountable, friends!

We arrived back in Texas last Friday afternoon and spent the rest of the day unpacking, cleaning, and settling in at home. It was wonderful to see and catch up with Tom and Tux, and then with our friends.

After two MONTHS of waiting, Hallie's new dresser and desk finally arrived from Pottery Barn Kids. (We replaced her smaller versions of these pieces with Pottery Barn Kids' larger versions in the same furniture line.) Since this is a high five post I'll spare you the saga about actually getting the these three pieces delivered - and the ongoing drama associated with the faulty desk chair they sent us - and instead focus on how much Hallie loves her updated room.
Still waiting on the chair, but starting to come together!
We put together her gallery wall, but haven't
quite finished the rest of our decorating.

Oh, and the two delivery men were delightful, especially compared to the 20+ Pottery Barn employees with whom my mom and I have communicated throughout the last two months.

Had I written the aforementioned Five Fails for Friday post, Tom's car would have taken the top slot. After multiple years as my/our family car and then quite a few more as Tom's music and disc golf mobile, our 2007 Ford Freestyle finally bit the dust. The high five here? Tom ended up with a new car that he loves and that will hopefully serve him well for years to come!

School supplies? Check!
Not ready...

The countdown to the first day of school officially began last Monday. Yes, I could do with a little a lot less sibling bickering. Yes, I would prefer to say "put your dishes in the dishwasher" fewer times each day. And yes, I need more quiet hours at home to work. But this year - at least as of today - I'm not ready for Will and Hallie to go back to school. This summer went by far too quickly and I'm already missing them, even though they're in the next room as I write this post. We're making the most of our last three weeks though: this week Hallie took a Creative in Nature class, Will started an athletic training program in preparation for the beginning of the soccer season (and then - shockingly - Hallie joined him and loved the class), and we fit in a futsal game, a visit to the library, a few playdates, a dance class, an orthodontist appointment, and multiple trips to the pool. Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends!
Sneaking pictures of them working out
through the windows of my parked car. 
Hopefully these training sessions will help
prepare them for them for their upcoming
soccer tryouts and dance auditions!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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