Friday, August 24, 2018

High Five for Friday (8.24.18)

Well, we survived the first week of school. Or at least we will have survived the first week of school by the time 4pm this afternoon rolls around. We had more ups than downs, so this week belongs in the "win" column.

I hope those of you who started back to school last or this week - big kids included - had a great first few days, and I wish the best of luck to those of you whose classes begin Monday!

Though I first learned about College Station's "Dine-In Dude" - a local chef who once a week prepares and delivers a delicious meal right to customers' front doors - back in June, it wasn't until a few days ago that I tried one of his culinary creations. I ordered his hatch chicken pot pie, and it went over wonderfully with three of the four Ferri (unless the Dine-In Dude makes chili, Hallie won't likely give any of his meals a thumbs up), and the pot pie was also large enough that we could eat the second half as leftovers another night. I have no doubt I'll become a regular customer now that this busy semester has begun!

Adulting lessons are coming along...
She wanted to bake for her Mini Company friends,
so ON HER OWN (she asked questions but my hands
were not involved at all) she made these dessert pizzas:
And this kid is learning to edge the
lawn, somewhat against his will. 
On Saturday night friends and I celebrated the birthday of another wonderful friend. Happy, happy to you, Rebecca!

Happiness Highlights:
I have been working toward this moment my entire life.
Er, since we first added DVR to our cable package.
Turns out goggles keep me from tearing up while cutting
onions! (I never had a problem until I had my eyes fixed
and stopped wearing contacts. Now I'm a hot mess every
time I go anywhere near freshly cut onions.)
Look at those cuties! And Carter started kindergarten! 😍 
One last summer pool party...
...and a last-day-of-summer painting and
ice cream date with my girl and our friends.
Hallie put this bun in my hair. Looks like my
days of having to do my own hair are dwindling. 
On our way in to Nutcracker auditions.
Only one of us was nervous. (It wasn't her.)

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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