Friday, April 6, 2018

High Five for Friday (4.6.18)

On Friday afternoon - thanks to a day off from school in recognition of Good Friday - Hallie and her bestie Kara celebrated their birthdays with a joint party at a local trampoline park. Some people have a talent for, passion for, and/or desire to create Pinterest-worthy birthday parties...I am not one of those people. I bake a mean cupcake and love to decorate fun cakes for my kids on their special days, but after that I gravitate toward simple and easy and whatever plan involves the least amount of pre-party stress and post-party mess. This party fit the bill and was all the more fun because Hallie shared it with her birthday buddy.

On Saturday afternoon we hosted our annual Easter egg hunt - such a fun tradition!

On Sunday we hosted...nothing, thank goodness. We needed a lower key day, and had a beautiful one celebrating Easter just our family of four.

On Monday we had another day off from school but our extracurriculars - three dance classes and a soccer practice turned friendly game - went on per usual. I may not have gotten much done during the day, but the kids and I had a nice day together and we discovered that getting everywhere on time and with all bags, equipment, snacks, etc. comes more easily when we haven't spent the previous hours at school/working.

The long weekend led Hallie and I to come up with what we believe is an ideal school/work schedule.

Week 1: school/work Monday through Thursday
Weekend 1: off Friday through Monday
Week 2: school/work Tuesday through Friday
Weekend 2: off Saturday and Sunday

Makes perfect sense, right? Someday she'll run for office on four day/two day weekend rotation platform!

Happiness Highlights:
Every morning before his boy goes to school, Tux
gives him lots of snuggles to get through the day.
It's so sweet.
Hallie received her NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket
winner's "medal" while at her winner's dinner at Olive Garden.
If you can see past the creepy chicken sleep mask and strange
lighting, this is a sweet picture of Hallie falling asleep next to
Will during a severe and somewhat scary thunderstorm. 
Learning to decorate cupcakes like her mama!
And last but not least...THEY'RE BACK!!!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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