Friday, April 27, 2018

High Five for Friday (4.27.18)

Our roof, as well as a few window screens and gutters, suffered hail damage following a recent storm. We had a number of roofing companies offer us a free inspection, but we eventually chose Mill Creek Roofing for our inspection and roof replacement and could not have been happier with our choice. They managed to tackle our substantial roof in one long day, and while that day was messy and chaotic, they did an incredible job on the roof and when they finally left for the night our yard and driveway showed almost no signs they had ever set foot on our property. High five for great service from a fantastic local business!
I have no affiliation with Mill Creek Roofing
other than being a happy paying customer.

On a related note, our new gutters look amazing and the exterior sides of our windows - which Tom and I scrubbed and sprayed while our screens were off getting repaired - are as sparkly clean as they have ever been.
Getting old = getting excited about
roofs and gutters and screens. 😂

Tom's parents drove down from Nebraska to visit us last weekend. Their time in College Station was brief, but we managed to fit in one of Will's soccer practices, school lunch with Hallie, a soccer game, Mini Company auditions, a farewell wave to Barbara, movie night, BBQ takeout, and church on Sunday morning. (And after Will ate something bad for breakfast and projectile vomited in the hallway at school on Friday morning, he got to come home and spend a bonus day hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.) High five for visits with family two weeks in a row!

My dancing girl auditioned and was once again selected for her studio's Mini Company. I admit there are times when dance classes and company membership give me pause (not dance as a form of exercise or artistic expression for Hallie, but the politics, cost, and stress that accompany the activity and that fall on me), but we keep coming back because she loves to dance and I love to watch her.

Happiness Highlights:
The Tiger Twins in this week's matching outfit.
Their shirts read, "Let's be friends forever." 😍 
Remember when Will had no idea how to wash a pan? Last week
I found this Mothers Day card he gave me a few years came
with a dish scrubber, which I have now gifted back to him. 😂 
Important messages about life, love, and chapstick
are communicated via the felt board in Hallie's room.
Tom's parents surprised me with a block my favorite was an incredibly delicious surprise. 
Saturday night fun!
I'm working on nailing down a soft Italian bread loaf recipe, and while
this version still needs a couple of tweaks, it was must have been pretty
darn good because it completely disappeared in about three hours.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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