Friday, December 9, 2016

High Five for Friday (12.9.16)

1a. Two weeks ago Hallie's dance company had individual and group photos taken, and last week we saw the photos. These sweet girls love dancing together and with their beautiful teacher.

1b. 20 minutes prior to this photoshoot I took Hallie out into our side yard to take a couple of pictures of her on my phone. As we were finishing up, a strange look came across her face...she then lifted up one of her ballet slipper-clad feet in my direction and asked, "what's this?" I looked down and saw that the entire front third of her ballet slipper was covered with dog poop. (We don't have a dog, so thank you, whoever you are, for letting your dog poop in my yard and not cleaning it up.) Hallie and I panicked for about 10 seconds, but then we pulled ourselves together and managed to clean the shoe and make it to the photoshoot on time!

2. Will's soccer team had a tournament scheduled last weekend, but because of the weather - we had storms and constant rain for four days straight in our area of Texas - the tournament organizers cancelled the entire shindig. We had planned to take Will even though he wouldn't have been able to play, and so while we felt badly that Will's pals wouldn't get to compete, the cancellation meant a significantly easier weekend logistically. An out-of-town soccer tournament + a Nutcracker dress rehearsal and two Nutcracker performances = an insane 48 hours!

3. Speaking of the Nutcracker... Last weekend my mom made the trek from Wisconsin to Texas to see Hallie perform in the show. I made her work for her tickets: she helped me shop for supplies, do hair and make-up, feed little girls, take care of my boys, staff the Nutcracker Market, and catch up with housework and laundry after the big day. Nutcracker weekend is always a long one, but it went more smoothly with her on my team!

On a related note, this year's production was without a doubt Ballet Brazos' best yet. Thank you to those who worked so hard to make it happen and to those who came out (in horrible weather, none-the-less) and supported our community's youth ballet dancers!

4. Did you watch "Hairspray Live!"? In what has become an annual December tradition, I had friends over for a pajama-wearing, wine-drinking, brownie-eating watch (and singalong) party.

5a. Happiness Highlights:
I found this message at the bottom of one of my random to-do lists.
This girl is circling toys she a SCIENCE catalog.
Big blue is almost full of signatures!
In between Nutcracker performances we stumbled upon
a fun impromptu performance by a TAMU acapella group. 
And after the second performance, Will showed
us all that his right-arm skills are as solid as ever.
5b. And last but not least...their fourth annual post-Nutcracker flower exchange and photo. Oh, my heart.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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